Rogeeta Konvictis is a highly intelligent and lethal Pixalian. He is the leader of a galactic crime syndicate in his family's name called, "The Konvictis" or the Konvictis loyalists. The character is mentioned in Master Defenders 2: Codes of Corruption and appears throughout the entire book of Master Defenders 3. Rogeeta is described as being a purple mobster, someone who has an array of revolver pistols. He also is a scoundrel, which is of the top ruthless creatures from Star-Pix. In his scoundrel form, Rogeeta is a very large, roaring beast. More importantly, whether being in his scoundrel form or not, Rogeeta constantly has a strong appetite for eating both other Pixalians and humans.

Although his apetite says otherwise, Rogeeta believes in multiculturalism. He loves the idea of humans and Pixalians collaborating together for mutual interests. His Konvictis loyalists are diverse in Pixalian and human cultures. The habit of eating people alive comes from his hot temper -- note to self, do not piss this alien off.