Master Defenders: Defend Or Die Trying. Copyright © 2013 MB Realms Entertainment All Rights Reserved.

Brief Synopsis: After the new leader of AIA Central has Cain X sign a secretive accord, the league is reformed into a terrorist organization and has the east sector labelled as their initial target.

Long Synopsis:

Four months after the Battle of Cyclohoma, a new plague is sentenced to destroy the universe.  In the world infested with countless Pixalians, Canavin and the Master Defenders are back to finish what was started many generations ago.  It's called Sychophemia; a vile nation of predators that are known to be the ancestors of the dreaded directors.  With the thought of a destructive race that is potentially stronger than Xaliemer, a man named Hank Lasher promises to alter the world with this infestation.  He is corrupted, undoubtedly sinister, and is no longer known as the respectful young man of the famous Lasher scientists.  Now dressing himself in a disguise of a former central leader, Hank Lasher is a member of the universal plague order, led by the mysterious High Power.  And having a group of skilled assassins doesn’t help the world at all.  Only one alliance could rise to the occasion and stand a chance against the directors of the universal plagues.  Canavin must will his team to victory before Earth is consumed by corruption.  In their biggest challenge yet, the Master Defenders learn to act as the only cure for the good of mankind.

Master Defenders Book Cover Complete




Tina Truman

Lightning Lynx





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