Commander Cyfreid
Commander Cyfreid
Species: Human
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Relatives: Unknown
Position: Commander of AIA East
Occupation: Leader of A.I.A. East
Affiliations: Master Defenders


Cyfreid became the Commander of AIA East after his leader, Euro, retired from the league.  He appointed Tina Marbury as the Captain either though an agent named Jabyus was next in line to be 'Truman'.  For his entire life, Cyfreid lived by the motto, "As individuals we are nothing, but together we are powerful."  The motto motivated him to search for the best fighters in the world.  The tracking systems were upgraded to spy on heroes in North America.  After seeing that there too many intrusions, the entire east sector was transformed into a floating base among the clouds above Washington, DC.



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