Canavin Station
General Information
Created by: Matt Bhanks
First Appearance: Master Defenders Series
Universe: MDU
Galaxy: Milky Way
Dimmension: 8

  The Orbial Satelite home of The Canavin Clan. This complex Space station has been home to the greatest heroes on earth and the Pixalien refuge after the Events of the 3rd novel in the Master Defenders Trilogy. 

Why The Canavin Station?

Like all the great inventions, and discoveries of the world; this place is named after it's owners the Canavin Clan. The station, in some interpritations also resembles the face of Canavin, leader of the Canavin clan. 

Inside The Canavin Station

The Founders Chambers: TBA

The Armourythis area houses a variety of specialized equipment the team or its allies may need depending on the mission. Also locked to the rear of this room is a large Ironclad door. This is refered to as the Vault. It houses the worse weapons known to human /  pixalien kind. It is also under constant survallience by both the AIA and NASA officials. 

The Hanger: Although being refered to as a single location it is an umbrella term for the 7 docking bays located near the base of sthe structure.  The hanger houses the many spaceships used by the AIA and the famous ARK - Eagle. The hanger also houses the miniature space cruisers used by members of the Master Defenders referred to simply as "Speeders".

Mission Control: TBD




Master Defenders

In the Master Defenders Novels it became the site of the reformation of AIA East after the destruction of the Invasion Protection center (IPC).  It remained the orbital Headquaters for the Master Defenders until the IPC was rebuilt. 

Distruction In Space


In Other Media