Breath-Stealer (DeMarcus Howard)
Breath-Stealer New
Species: Altered Humans
Eye color: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: unknown
Affiliations: Master Defenders
Dimension: Dimension 8
Created by: Matt Bhanks

DeMarcus Howard


Prana  Kapadia

Prana is son of the Indian Ambassador in the United Nations. During the Nimbus Project's 3rd trial, Prana became ill and was rushed to the hospital in New york city. He underwent treatment to no relief. Then as a mysterious text to the Ambassador's personal phone, another option arose. The message stated that if his son was taken to the Farfleck Facility in New Jersey, he could find the cure to his affliction. Twelve hours later Prana became well again. Though he wasn't for long. Moments after seeing his father, Prana evaporated and disappeared.

He was later found by the members of the IATA and was taken to Voda-Seikatsu in Japan to undergo tests in the underwater city. Here he became the second Breath-Stealer.

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